What is the latest fashion trend now? [teens]?

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Question by Freulein J: What is the latest fashion trend now? [teens]?
Like, skinny jeans and a normal plain tee with huge lope earrings? Sneakers? Headbands?
Sorry if i’m outdated, but i just feel like knowing the current trend. And i hope there’s pictures for me to see..

And and, any website i could see loads of fashion like clothes and hairstyles? thx.

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Answer by mdgirlie
Chunky jewelry is really in right now. Perfectly accessorizes any outfit.

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7 Responses to “What is the latest fashion trend now? [teens]?”

  1. graceisfierce on

    high waisted skinny jeans are really trendy right now.

  2. Fran L on
  3. Gothic Barbie on

    anything but emo…i really super hate emo crap

  4. Kelsey W on

    well i def think skinny jeans, tees, huge earrings, headbands && stuff like that r very trendy now!

    espesially vintage tees.


    ummm u cood try hollister,american eagle,pac sun, abercrombie….ect.

    def wet seal!!
    without a doubt there!

    i hope i helped!

  5. Blair. on

    i thought low wasted skinny jeans are in right now..and flats..and like regular tees…oh and knit dresses with leggings and flats…

    i guess thats how it is where i am

  6. arie on

    look in vogue.

  7. guillmon9005 on

    The styles that are totally in for spring are: Cute tees, Super sultry jeans, (that flatter your shape), cute shoes, awesome accessories and adorable earrings. One of the best websites to go to for the latest in fashionwear and in haircare is http://www.seventeen.com. This website is so awesome!They talk about everything from fashion to boy problems.Trust me this website has EVERYTHING your looking for girlfriend…

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