What are latest trends in Japan?

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Question by ? Ayu ?: What are latest trends in Japan?
Hi everyone I have been living in New York for last months and I was wondering what latest Japanese trends are makeup and fashion wise.
I am originally from Japan.
I miss Popteen, EGG, Ageha, and Ranzuki magazines -_-

Thank you.

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Answer by Pablo
web-japan.org/trends ·



blog.japantimes.co.jp/japan-pulse/trends-in-japan-2009-virtual-love ·


try that

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One Response to “What are latest trends in Japan?”

  1. SteveJ on

    Hi Ayu. Last night, I was watching a talk show called Cambria. They interviewed the 80 year-old president of Yuzawaya. They sell fabrics and stuff for people to make hand-made clothes and other items. Very successful company. Anyways, according to research, hand-made and hand-altered items are enjoying a boom nowadays. For example, in Tokyo’s Ginza, many shoppers go to Uniqlo, buy clothes, and then go to Yuzawaya and buy add-on items for the clothes. It makes the Uniqlo clothes unique. This fashion is called Decokuro.

    Anyways, I thought this might be a fashion trend.

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