Hot New Hair Styles With EZ Combs

Hot New Hair Styles With EZ Combs

Are you tired of not being able to do anything new with your hair? When you are used to doing your hair in the same style day after day it can be hard to know how to do anything else with it. Not everyone can afford to go to the hair salon and pay someone else to give them a hairstyle. Time can also be a factor, we live busy lives and can’t always come up with the free time to go to the salon and take a couple hours out of our day to get the style that we are looking for. If you have found yourself in a hairstyle rut, then you will be happy to learn about the EZ Combs – Double Stretching Combs.

ez combs

The EZ Combs – Double Stretching Combs will allow you to be able to give your hair a great look. In fact, you will be able to achieve a great number of different hairstyles, this will allow you to be able to change your look as often as you like. It is simple to use and it comes with a set of instructions on DVD that will walk you through many different hairstyles that are all great and will have you looking like you just left the salon. You can do these hairstyles yourself, they are quick and easy, yet they look like a professional did your hair for you. The hairstyles that you get from using EZ Combs – Double Stretching Combs are really as easy as 1-2-3!

If you want to be able to change your look as often as you want without spending a lot of money, then you will want to make sure that you own the EZ Combs – Double Stretching Combs. You won’t have to go to the salon, or even have a friend come over to help you get the look that you are trying to achieve. All you have to do is follow three easy steps that are explained to you on the DVD and you will have the hair that you want.

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Stay Cool With Hot Long Hair Styles

Stay Cool With Hot Long Hair Styles

Summer offers more summer hairstyles than traditional, go-to short hair cuts. In fact, long hair is ideal for recent trends that are all about staying cool while looking hot.

The messy up-do trend continues from years past, but is now found in new variations. Knots are in. Try a single knot, double knot, or braided knot. Sitting anywhere from the nape of the neck to the top of the head, these styles will allow you to stay cool.

To make a double knot, scrunch damp hair while drying to get a textured, beachy look and make a side part. Then divide back hair into two sections and tie into a knot, then into another knot, and secure.

The braided top knot is trickier. Texture your hair like for the double knot, to start. Then tilt your head forward and begin Dutch braiding from the nape of your neck towards the top of your head. (Dutch braiding is like French braiding, only weave each new hair strand under, rather than over, the other strands.) Once all hair is pulled into the braid, tie with an elastic and twist the end into a small bun. Secure to the top of your head. Any of these styles can be as messy as you want.

Braids in general are popular this year, but a basic braid gets boring quickly. Instead, try a half up style with a single or double braids. Simply pull the front sections of your hair up like a typical half up style, braid, and secure. This is a great way to keep hair out of your face on a hot day. You can texture or softly curl the hair you leave down.


Also try experimenting with different kinds of braids, like French or Dutch braids where hair strands are added gradually, Swiss braids where two braids are crossed at the nape of the neck and wound around the head (think Heidi), square braids that are made with four strands, or more masculine herringbone braids. Instructions and tutorials for these and more are easily found online. The placement of braids can also be played with. Side braids are common. Doing a French braid along the side of the head, starting in the front and going to the back, is called a mermaid braid and is increasingly popular. Or do one small braid to incorporate into whatever hairstyle you choose for the day.

Another popular technique this year for keeping hair out of the way is the twist. This is incredibly easy to do. Just twist a section of hair and pin it back. This can make even a simple ponytail look stylish, especially in the front. Experiment with placements and numbers of twists.

For women who want a new look but are hesitant to cut their long locks, try accessories. Clips, headbands, barrettes, and bows—all are hot this year and come in every style and color you can ask for. The best buys will be things you can wear with multiple outfits and will help keep hair up on hot days, but also choose some fun and unique pieces too.  

Before you run out to get your annual hair cut and lose that length you’ve been working on all year, consider some of these options. With up-dos, braids, and accessories rising in popularity as fast as the mercury in the thermometer, you don’t have to worry about staying cool and fashionable this summer.


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2011 prom dresses have a lot of new styles in different colors

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2011 prom dresses have a lot of new styles in different colors



peach evening dresses
2011 prom dresses have a lot of new styles in different colors.

According to different occasions, prom dresses can be divided into a variety of kinds including cocktail dresses, graduation dresses, homecoming dresses and evening gowns etc. Every girl wants to be perfect and charming at her special memorable night with her date. As a result, picking a suitable and beautiful prom dress can be viewed as the priority.

2011 prom dresses have a lot of new styles in different colors. In this season, bright colors become popular and are used in many formal dresses such as navy and burgundy gold, raspberry, purple orange, black and white, and all the fun prom colors like turquoise, lime and fuchsia. For instance, young girls generally love purple and you will see the greatest purple gowns. Royal blue dress is truly a more elegant and mature thought. Gold and silver will become more and more significant and also the new metallic lam fabrics will reveal you off to the limit. Light, bright colors such as peach-pink, aqua-blue and coral are totally perfect for young girls that can completely bring out your sweetness and youth.

The style is also an important part you should consider while picking a formal gown. There are also a large number of styles in 2011 formal gown collections ranging from long styles to mini ones. Each style of prom gown owns its chapter and can give you totally different look. If you prepare for a night out or a hot date at the ballet, pick a cocktail or formal style of prom dress in black. That is the timeless look and will still be popular in 2011.

However, if you prefer a flirty and funny look, choosing a mini-length taffeta prom dress with prints in peach or pink is no doubt breathtaking. In order to fit in the peach dress, you can select pedant earrings with gemstone, bold color pearl bracelet, royal blue sky high heels with crystals and pastel pink floral clutch. That will be so attractive!!

peach evening dresses from This peach evening dresses is the most popular this year, Allow you to become the focus with the ball in this. Fabrics we used consist of satin, chiffon, taffeta and organza. The color for this kind is pink, or can be made in custom size, color, desogn, all our gowns are personally designed for you. If you are enthusiastic about this product, please kindly contact us!

peach evening dresses from This peach evening dresses is the most popular this year, Allow you to become the focus with the ball in this. Fabrics we used consist of satin, chiffon, taffeta and organza. The color for this kind is pink, or can be made in custom size, color, desogn, all our gowns are personally designed for you. If you are enthusiastic about this product, please kindly contact us!

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Uggs Aren’t Ugly! Hot New Ugg Styles Out Now!

Ugg Boots have been around for a while now but they are still a massive hit with celebrities like Milla Jovovich, actress, fashion designer and style queen, who has been seen out and about recently sporting a pair of new Uggs, the classic Cardy. With their three cute wooden buttons up the side they make a great statement and look really unusual. These new uggs are totally hot right now. The Classic Cardy is a great, versatile boot that’s selling out fast, and is looking set to become an instant design classic.

The New Uggs style has taken the brand in a slightly different and exciting direction. They’ve moved away from the classic sheepskin boot and have come up with a crochet woollen boot that is completely unique and really funky. Apart from these new uggs being a hot trend and celebrity favourite, they’re also really wearable. You can wear them with practically anything and in loads of different ways. They look great left slouchy with one button open and teamed with skinny jeans but equally good folded down and worn with tights and a t-shirt dress, like Milla Jocovich.


The awesome thing about these new uggs being made from a woollen blend mix is not just that it means they come in a range of cool colours, from the more traditional Oatmeal and Grey to funky Stonewash Denim and Dusky Pink, but it also means that they are a lot tougher then sheepskin. With the new uggs you don’t have to worry about watermarks or scuffs like you do with the classic sheepskin variety but they haven’t compromised on comfort as they still have a sheepskin lining! What more could you want?


Another thing that Ugg haven’t compromised on is style. Unlike crocs, which in my opinion are the worst-case scenario of when fashion meets comfort, uggs have got it just right. They’re the perfect blend, combing cool, casual Californian surfer style with enough comfort to ensure you never want to wear anything else!


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"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." — Oscar Wilde