How can I get loose curly beach waves with my all ready naturally curly waving hair?

Question by off limits: How can I get loose curly beach waves with my all ready naturally curly waving hair?
I alrealy have naturally curly waving hair but its kind of puffy. How can I get it to look nicer with the beach wave?

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Answer by Chiky
I have curly hair too! to get the beachy sort of wave, try this:

after washing your hair, towel dry it until damp. Apply mouse or a little bit of light gel. If you use gel, use it very sparingly as you don’t really want a wet look or crispy hair. The amount of product will depend upon how thick your hair is.

Next, braid your hair in 1, 2, 3, or 4 braids. If you have the time, sleep in the braids overnight so that the hair can air dry then take the braids out in the morining and style. If you don’t have overnight to wait, blow dry the braids making sure you don’t hold the blow dryer too close to the hair (to prevent heat damage). hold the hair dryer at an angle pointing downward into the braid but down toward the end of the hair as to not irritate the hair shaft. blowdrying upward will cause frizz. squeeze and seperate the braid while drying to get most all the hair dry. If you don’t do this, the hair on the outside of the braid will dry and the hair that is intertwined into the braid will still be damp. when 95% or more dry, take out the braids and use your fingers to separate the braided hair. If needed, use mouse or a styling cream to keep waves together but piecey and to prevent frizz.

If you are looking for a more natural curl or wave, towel dry your hair after washing and comb through with a wide tooth comb. apply mouse evenly and “scrunch” throughout hair to amplify your natural curl or wave. let air dry if possible, or “scrunch” while using a blowdryer with a diffuser attachment. The diffuser attachment will prevent frizz.

Good Luck!

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