Help!! Can u help hook me up w/ some hot new hairstyles?

Question by Forever_14: Help!! Can u help hook me up w/ some hot new hairstyles?
Help!! Can u help hook me up w/ some hot new hairstyles? U can attach a link or something. I have layers in the front and golden brown hair w/ blonde highlights!

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Braid Hairstyles – Basic Action By Action Tutorial

Braid Hairstyles – Basic Action By Action Tutorial

The braid hairstyle is a flattering, alluring model for girls with medium to lengthy hair. Braids are excellent in the summer time weather conditions, just start off with a pony tail and braid your hair. You can pick out from French braids, plain braids or corn rows.


If you know how to french braid hair, no doubt you have run across some troubles. Possibly you have complications braiding hair by yourself. Some ladies locate it hard to know how their hair is turning out if they can not see it. Also, diverse hair thicknesses and coarseness lend their unique difficulties. I come across it tough to stay tight. With my ultra great hair, crossing beneath the middle strand, or Dutch braiding, locks my hair into the braid, and it feels tight, but when I am completed, it is just a minor loose.” This can be alleviated utilizing a specific french braiding tool that is readily offered, but you have to get the perfect device for your hair’s thickness.


two – Acquiring the braids even in the again when braiding your personal hair


Aleria not long ago asked me, “How do you quit it from obtaining all loose and icky looking (her words specifically!) after you get to the back again? Mine generally seems to be very good on the top and just about the bump, but as soon as I get started heading vertical it seems to be terrible.” It is very challenging to braid tightly and evenly further more absent from the base of the hair. Receiving a friend to assist is a great way to relieve this dilemma, but a companion is not often offered, and do you truly want your husband/boyfriend to assist?


3 – Incorporating layers to a plain french braid


A really good pal of mine explained, “I 1st discovered how to french braid hair when I was sixteen in track. I only know two designs. Basically do the items suggested that you do, and meticulously steer apparent of the attainable stumbling blocks explained over. Then all that is left for you to do is to expertise the advantages of getting stunning beachy waves that are heading to accrue to you with regards to your success!


Search google and youtube for far more on how to do braid outs on natural hair.


When you look at a French braid, you will see that it is a gorgeous style, but it is not so simple to learn. Even so, if you follow these ways on how to French braid hair, you will come across it simple.


1. Immediately after this, decide on up other sections of your hair and add it to the 3 strands you previously have and braid them in.


6. Repeat the approach right until you achieve the conclude of your hair.


7. Don’t forget to tie the end off so that it does not unravel and you have to do the total approach around.


8. Sense totally free to put hairspray so that the hair does not fall out.


As we stated, French braiding can be very difficult. Nonetheless, with the right directions and persistence on your hand, you will be ready to figure it out in no time.

I’ve been getting my hair braided for many years. Having a difficult time finding pictures of cornrows on the internet, I decided to develop my own website dedicated to cornrows.

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