What is the latest fashion trend now? [teens]?

Question by Freulein J: What is the latest fashion trend now? [teens]?
Like, skinny jeans and a normal plain tee with huge lope earrings? Sneakers? Headbands?
Sorry if i’m outdated, but i just feel like knowing the current trend. And i hope there’s pictures for me to see..

And and, any website i could see loads of fashion like clothes and hairstyles? thx.

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Answer by mdgirlie
Chunky jewelry is really in right now. Perfectly accessorizes any outfit.

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What is the latest fashion trend that almost any body type can pull off?

Question by sarah c: What is the latest fashion trend that almost any body type can pull off?
I have skinny jeans which I love with long belted sweaters. I would love to get a pair of brown knee boots that fit well and look good with skinny jeans but I have large calves and don’t know where to find a brand of nice leather knee high boots that fit larger legs. Any other suggestions for a mid 20 year old? I love to try new trends with a few classic pieces.

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Answer by michelmali
if you want boots that fit, go to www.torrid.com. regarding other trends…sundresses, tunics, babydolls, mid calf skirts, plastic jewelery

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Latest Fashion Trends for the Couture Conscious

Latest Fashion Trends for the Couture Conscious

You are the type of person who won’t want to be caught wearing the wrong fashion at any time of the year! For you, fashion is more important than even the basic necessities of life. If that is the case, then you simply cannot avoid these latest fashion trends.

1. The top fashion designers have devoted more time on wearing styles and those are what have really caught on. If you want to be in vogue, you should really check out some ensembles that have been popular this year and then create a wearing style of your own, inspired from them. Novelty is the name of the game. The Internet is the best place to see how models are clothed by the top fashion designers this year. Of course, you could check out local fashion shows if you have the access to them.
2. Most things you wear should be loose and look comfortable. The age of tights is, mercifully, not happening this year. The best fashion tip right now is to strike a balance between sexiness and comfort. Wear loose-fitting garments that you can carry off with élan.
3. The other thing is about the color. What colors are in this season? Like previous fall seasons, this year too the darker shades are making the most waves. This is the age of darker tops and lighter bottoms actually. Fashion-conscious people are rediscovering different shades of black as well and wearing it in so many different unconventional ways. Black seems to be present on most clothes, even if it is just for the buttons or belts or stuff like that.
4. About the materials, silk has made a comeback for wherever you can wear it. Silk leggings, ties, scarves, etc. are much in vogue. The soft feel of the fabric is in. Silk is one fabric where the color does not matter. So, if you are planning to wear a black outfit, a colorful silk scarf is what you could accessorize it with to give it the ultra chic look.
5. Another very important thing right now is accessories. People are actually splurging on accessories right now, whether they are scarves or jewelry or belts or just plain ol’ leggins’. Check them out yourself. Various different designs and styles have come out this year and don’t mind being creative about it. The more different you look, the more you are going to stand out.

The latest fashion trends indicate an upbeat, chic look which is very much in. Get yourself in the groove and go shopping for accessories and other fun stuff. You have to have your creative juices flowing though, because that is what the fashion elite are really caring for right now.

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