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Nordstrom Beauty Trends: Bright Eyes

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Smoky Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Smoky Eyes Makeup Tutorial

The smoky eye makeup can be created in any color and shade, but the most common one is black. It emphasizes the eyes and provides a glamorous look. It is quite easy to make, just pay attention at a few basic makeup rules and your eyes will be gorgeous.

Blending it smoothly in a perfect polished way it is the most important rule in creating a smoky eye makeup. This look mixes the light smooth colors with dark shaded ones. You can combine any two colors you prefer: golden eye shadow with dark plum or purple, silver with dark blue, hot red with dark green, or just stay at the classic nude with chocolate brown for a more decent look.

First, use an eye primer to make sure it will be a long lasting makeup. Use it as a base coat on your lids. Than mark your eyes with the eye liner. Choose the eye liner color by using the same color of your darker eyeshadow. For example, if you opt for a classic black or brown one, use a black or brown eye liner. In case you opt for the colored smoky eye makeup, use a dark green or blue eye liner to emphasize your look. Apply it on the upper lid in a thicker line in the middle.

Apply a light base color, shimmery if you want to. Than blend it perfectly in the darker hue of the same color, or for a more edgy look, use the complementary shade of the lighter eyeshadow. The darker shade will be in the outer corner of your eyes and blend smoothly in to the inner corner where the light eyeshadow is.

Finish this chic smoky eye makeup with plenty of mascara. And leave the lips nude or as natural as possible to avoid an overdone look. The smoky eye makeup provides quite a full and sophisticated look so there’s no need to emphasize the lips to. It will bring all the attention to your eyes.

The dark shaded smoky eye makeups are very mysterious and feminine, perfect for any occasion. But you can wear it as an everyday makeup in some bright and lighter colors, which are the hottest trends in the summer season. Remember to choose the perfect makeup for your eye shape and the colors that match your eyes, skin tone and personality. This way you’ll get the makeup that emphasizes your best facial features and make you look irresistible!

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