Easy Sleek Hairstyle Tutorial

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17 Responses to “Easy Sleek Hairstyle Tutorial”

  1. pretdaymado on

    I? love it ^_^ thank you.

  2. lovefan123 on

    R? u wearing circle lenses

  3. MaliaLove101 on

    Hey can you? guys please check out my beauty channel? MaliaLove101
    If you did it would be awesome! 3

  4. raindropsOFlove1 on

    did you tease jus ur bang or that whole? “crown” section? =)

  5. x0xSaminax0x on

    @CinthiaTruong thank you! i’ve been looking for one? for a while, & yours really caught my eye (:

  6. CinthiaTruong on

    @kochanaLola? Big Sexy Hairspray

  7. CinthiaTruong on

    @ushana95? Geo Circles lenses in brown

  8. CinthiaTruong on

    @x0xSaminax0x I got? it at Sallys. It’s a no name brand….

  9. x0xSaminax0x on

    where can i get that teasing comb & what brand is? it? (:

  10. Chrissiechiis on

    I? love it!

  11. mahdii98 on

    also? check out > /watch?v=gwdAvnZZp2g&feature=channel_video_title its pretty similar but i prefer this one over this, since it has more edgyness to it :)

  12. prettydelilah on

    @CinthiaTruong No wonder you don’t speak? in your videos. Your English/grammar is terrible.

  13. BeautyCara on


  14. CinthiaTruong on

    @RoxyOhSo No, I didn’t. The upper part (crown) was tease so the volume hide the hair band and it looks invisible. You can use bobby pins instead of hair tie. I like using hair tie better since it keeps the hair stay in place and tight. Great for those who? have trouble securing with bobby pins


    i wished my? hair was as thick as yours ! ; (

  16. ushana95 on

    Are you wearing circle lens?? If so what kind?

  17. hersinkingheart2007 on

    gorgeous!! thanks for? sharing, love! <3

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