Dramatic Purple Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial by MissChievous

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All the products I used are listed on my blog: mizzchievouz.blogspot.com I got this palette from this ebay Review on this palette: www.youtube.com NEW! Add me on Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Nails: french manicure Music: Whip Snapper – she of infinite sorrows
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25 Responses to “Dramatic Purple Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial by MissChievous”

  1. 16HippieGirl on

    Do u speak german??? MissChievous???/

  2. TheAlynaGirl on

    thumps up if you’re watching in 1943….

  3. boamtol90 on


  4. keyamor1 on

    muy lindo este look

  5. llemg on

    Me encanto, i took some make-up classes, but i think you ar ebetter than my instructors!

  6. VanessaBeauty15 on

    Love it!

  7. shatteredlov on

    I just realized that the view count is raising, YAY!
    I always thought you deserved more views cuz you’re just too amazing!

  8. nailsatheart on

    @Kickbutt1122334455 no im watching in 1968…

  9. flaviadeusa on


  10. ninacyclone on

    o resultado é lindo mas faltou uma legenda em português…

  11. AyoNovaFSK on

    @BGirlCHARmander Well I love it my mom thinks its cute so last time i put it on it
    was really COOL lol???!!!!!

  12. LostInThisWorld11 on

    looks perfect on you

  13. chrissy13ize on

    I think purple looks really good on u it like makes ur eyes look glossier and glitty it’s pretty

  14. winnemuca on

    very nice!

  15. TheBeautyPleasure on

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  16. JenniferCobb12 on

    im doing this look 4 1st day back to skool 2011!!!!!!!! awww yeah!

  17. JenniferCobb12 on

    @peace8212 lol i have purple hair 2! well they r just temporary 4 like a month so o well lol but i i want permenant 1s soooooo bad! lol

  18. justinblover135 on

    i wonder if she won the competition

  19. patriotinactionnow on


  20. MonstaMakeUp on

    Check out some of my videos and tell me what you think? i have 3 more to upload but what ive got up so far isnt so bad :) check it out and let me no what you think?

  21. peace8212 on

    i love this look i mit even try it out just cause i have purple hair (10)

  22. Vicki3708 on

    beautiful. i love the way you do your make-up

  23. Queenash20 on

    Thumbs Up If Your Watching This Because Halloween Is Coming :D

  24. SparklyyMegan on

    I wish I could do makeup like that,,, ugh

  25. gr8man777 on

    wow ………nice makeup

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