DIY Button Scarf

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Hey guys – It’s craft time on sugardazzle! Today I am going to show you an easy, fun & cheap diy scarf mod that you can make for yourself or for a friend. I made this scarf to give to a friend for yule this year.

First – start with a knit scarf – you can either knit one yourself – if you are so inclined and are a knitter/crocheter – or you can choose one at your local favorite thrift store (savers is my favorite) or you can get one at your local dollar store. I lucked out and found this perfect rose pink scarf at my local dollar tree.

Then, get out your jar of vintage buttons. I know you have one. Berv and I like to collect vintage buttons – usually we grab jars of them from yard sales and sometimes savers thrift store sells huge jars of them. You’ll need about two handfuls for this project.

Lay the scarf down with the two ends flat on the table in front of you. place the buttons randomly by size and color all over the bottom foot of the two ends of the scarf. Look at it from a distance to ensure that buttons are randomly placed and there is no obvious rhyme or reason to placement. (This looks best). Then, simply sew each button on. You can also add a couple jingle bells for fun.

I really love how this scarf turned out. I wanted to keep it for myself. PS: (she loved it!)


DIY Button Scarf
DIY Button Scarf
DIY Button Scarf
DIY Button Scarf

love, Lake

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