1920s Flapper Hairstyle Tutorial

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Visit americanduchess.blogspot.com for more vintage goodness. A short tutorial video showing how to create a 1920s flapper hairstyle, from wet-set curlers to curly and cute. Learn how to sculpt curled hair into waves, and get that “Boardwalk” look.
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9 Responses to “1920s Flapper Hairstyle Tutorial”

  1. renreeser on

    Hollybeth, yes, if you have already curly hair, you are blessed and can skip the curlers part. Use pomade to work your hair? into the waves, and hairspray

  2. Ophelyee on

    i? love your blog and tutorials!

  3. Hollybeth84 on

    If you have naturally curly hair can you skip? the rollers bit?

  4. MsCondor74 on

    fantastic – well done, you? are very talented!

  5. renreeser on

    Zrno3 is right. Handle the hair a lot, and smooth? it into shape.

  6. Zrno3 on

    For people wondering how to make finger curls with LONG HAIR you can do the same thing like in this video.

    Yes your hair is gonna? look like shirley temple but, with lots of brushing, and maybe some product, your hair will bounce together nicely.

  7. shealeeschannel on

    great? job :)

  8. HenrykMCMLXVI on

    Brava Lauren!?

  9. BarbR7 on

    Brava! ? Thank you! You make it look easy.

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